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In re Jones, 2023 Pa. Super. LEXIS 471, 2023 WL 6774247 (October 13, 2023) (Stevens, P.J.E.) SuttonPark Structured Settlements LLC (“SuttonPark”) appeals from the order entered in the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, which granted the petition of Frank Jones (“Jones”) to vacate a transfer order entered under Pennsylvania’s Structured Settlement Protection Act (“SSPA”), 40 P.S. §§ 4001-4009. After a careful review, we affirm. The court had originally approved the transfer of assets but after 30 days had run revoked its decision based upon very serious violations of what had been represented to the court. The court had the right to modify its order more than 30 days after entry thereof. The agreement for assignment was never actually carried out and the court, as guardian, was protecting the interests of the innocent injured party.