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Category: Miscellaneous


PLEADING-CREDIT CARD-ATTACHMENTS Bank of America v. Ramos, Pa. Civil No. CV-21-0743 (C.P. Lycoming January 18, 2022) (Tira, J.).  This is a credit card collection debt case.  Defendant consumer filed preliminary objections.  Plaintiff failed to attach a copy of defendant’s application and a copy of the credit card agreement.  Plaintiff is not required to attach a […]

Attorney-Client Privilege

Newsuan vs. Republic Servs., 2019 Pa. Super. LEXIS 613.  Opinion by Stevens, P.J.E.  At issue is whether the court erred in ruling that neither an attorney-client communications privilege nor an attorney work product privilege applied to interviews between counsel for Republic Services and 16 non-party Republic Services laborers identified by Newsuan as potential worksite eyewitnesses. […]