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Category: Negligence


NEGLIGENCE-COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES-TEAM SPORTS-SAFE PATHWAY Baumbach v. Lafayette Coll., 2022 Pa. Super. LEXIS 102 (March 4, 2022) (Dubow, J.).  In this case, plaintiff was a team athlete.  She was on the rowing team and had to go to and from the boathouse.  The plaintiff was hit by a drunk driver when she and her teammates […]


Marshall vs. Brown’s IA, LLC, 2019 Pa Super. LEXIS 608.  Opinion by Bowes, J.  Harriet Marshall appeals from the July 10, 2017, judgment in favor of Appellee Brown’s IA, LLC, and alleges that she is entitled to a new trial because the trial court erred in refusing to give an adverse inference instruction based on […]


The operation of a driver dropping off a handicapped person who then has to cross the street is not considered the operation of a vehicle.  Hence the exception of vehicle liability for the Political Subdivision Act does not apply.  Also the employer which was an independent contractor is not liable under the Peculiar Risk Doctrine.  […]