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Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements for Our Clients

The Law Office of Rieders, Travis, Dohrmann, Mowrey, Humphrey & Waters has secured well over $100 million in settlements and verdicts in the last 40 years alone. Some example cases include:

Personal Injury

Settlement: $16.2 Million

This is one of the most significant personal injury verdicts in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, and perhaps the highest. It was rendered in federal court, Williamsport, PA, at $16.2 million.
A local Walmart employee underwent surgery for lung cancer. During the procedure, the doctor nicked the patient’s diaphragm. Over the course of recovery, the hospital and doctors did not pick up on the fact that there were concerning signs and symptoms. As a result, part of our client’s gastrointestinal system herniated through her diaphragm, strangulated and was damaged. Not only did this result in major surgery, but left the patient with an open wound in her back.

Medical Malpractice

Settlement: $4.25 Million

Failed pediatric intubation/resuscitation at ER resulting in death of a 2 year old.

Settlement:  7 figures (under seal)

Prolonged cerebral hypoxemia and permanent brain injury as a result of sudden cardiac arrest following a two-part lumbar spine surgery. 

Settlement: 6 figures (under seal)

Surgical injury and insult to patient’s brachial artery and brachial plexus during subpectoral biceps tenodesis procedure.  

Settlement: 6 figures (under seal)

Surgical injury to a patient’s temporal lobe and cranial nerves during a sub-occipital craniotomy for microvascular decompression of the 5th cranial nerve.

Settlement: 6 figures (under seal)

Delayed diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Settlement: $1.35 M

Head-on MVA resulting in catastrophic injuries.

Settlement: $470,000

Catastrophic motorcycle accident resulting in amputation.

Settlement: $375,000

MVA: Tractor trailer truck crossed into the lane of travel of a motorcycle, resulting in collision.

Settlement: $300,000

MVA: Family injured when a negligent driver lost control of their vehicle crossing into their lane of travel, resulting in collision.

Settlement: $120,000

MVA:  Passenger injured when a negligent driver pulled out from intersection and struck vehicle.  

Settlement: $100,000

Pedestrian struck while crossing the roadway. 

Settlement: $100,000

Rear-end collision while slowing for a stopped vehicle.

Workers’ Compensation

Settlement: $760,000

Fall from mezzanine due to unsafe working conditions.


for neck strain.


Plus continued payment of medical bills for aggravation of knee meniscus tear.


For shoulder and arm strain.


For low back herniated disc.


Plus Medicare Set Aside for knee injury.


For rotator cuff tear.

Settlement: $157,922.63

Workers’ Compensation and Heart and Lung Act – for shoulder and arm strain.


For toe fracture.

Settlement: $125,000

Plus continued payment of medical bills for calcaneal fracture and tarsal tunnel syndrome.


For lower back strain.

Product Liability

Settlement: 8 figures (under seal)

Suffered catastrophic injuries, including fulminant hepatitis, acute liver failure, and death as a result of use of a dietary supplement. 

Settlement: $80,000

Underwent total right hip replacement procedure.  Inspection of hip joint revealed large amount of hip erosion which resulted in adverse tissue reaction.  Required to undergo revision surgery to remove device.  

Settlement: $40,000.00

Diagnosis of NHL as a result of usage of Roundup. 

Medical Malpractice

Settlement: $1.7 M

Cardiac medications error leading to death.

Settlement: $1.5 M

Delay in medical care resulting in vision loss.

Settlement: $1 M

Operating room fire.

Settlement: $825,000

Medication error leading to death.

Settlement: $100,000

Diagnosis/death from NHL as a result of usage of Roundup. 

Settlement: $60,000

Diagnosis of NHL as a result of usage of Roundup.

Civil Rights

Settlement: $3.3 M

Rape/unsupervised inmates. 

Settlement: $99,999

Assault of state inmate by correctional staff. 

Positive Verdict

Represented several women in claims of sexual harassment against Bradford County District Attorney which led to his guilty plea on criminal charges, imprisonment, and disbarment. 

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