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Category: Business and Corporations

Gas Drilling – Fracking – Interstate Compact

GAS DRILLING-FRACKING-INTERSTATE COMPACT- Wayne Land and Mineral Group v. Delaware River Basin Commission, No. 17-1800 (3d Cir. July 3, 2018) Jordan, C.J.  Wayne Land and Mineral Group, LLC, a company that wants to obtain natural gas by fracking reserves in Pennsylvania,1 appeals from the dismissal of its complaint for failure to state a claim. Wayne […]


Claim for violation of Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law thrown out by trial court.  The Third Circuit affirmed.  In 1999, homeowners obtained a home loan from Parkway Mortgage secured by a mortgage on the property.  Parkway Mortgage assigned the interests to non-parties, which in turn assigned their interests.  Homeowner stopped making payments because […]

Can Google be Sued Under the Wiretap Act?

Can Google be Sued Under the Wiretap Act? Google essentially cannot be sued under the Federal Wiretap Act.  There has to be an intentional interception or attempting to intercept the contents of an electronic communication using a device.  Companies who have placed cookies on computing devices are like one party communications, meaning that the parties […]