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    Lycoming Law Association’s Fair Share Award

    The firm individual lawyers, received, Lycoming Law Association’s Fair Share Award: “In honor of all Lycoming attorneys that participated in the fair share pro bono program, the Lycoming Law Association is making a donation to Canine Companions of Independence.”

    50 Year Members Honored at Annual Lycoming Law Association Banquet

    Ordinarily a January event, the 2022 Lycoming Law Association June annual banquet was a bit unusual. But with COVID-19 still impacting activities, some modification in regular schedules had to be expected.

    Williamsport trial lawyer and judicial leader Clifford Rieders talks about US Supreme Court balance, ‘packing the court’ and why all justices can’t agree on what is constitutional on On The Mark Podcast with host Mark Lawrence and co-host Ben Reichley.

    Federal Court Hands Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Waters & Dohrmann Client a Victory

    U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on January 16 ruled that strict liability claims filed by our clients, Crystal and Timothy Gross, in the case of Gross v. Coloplast, could continue. The couple, represented by Clifford A. Rieders, filed their legal claims due to injuries suffered by Mrs. Gross because of the defendant’s defective pelvic mesh. The judge denied the company’s motion to dismiss, which was based on a prior Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that medications couldn’t be subject to strict liability claims. The company tried to extend that decision to medical devices. Strict liability is a legal theory stating that those putting dangerous, defective products that injure people into the marketplace should be financially responsible for that harm.

    Attorney Corey J. Mowrey Partnership Announcement

    We are pleased to announce that Attorney Corey J. Mowrey has been named a partner at Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Waters & Dohrmann. Corey is an experienced attorney who has served at the firm as an intern, associate, and senior associate. His practice areas include personal injury litigation, motor vehicle accidents, medical/hospital malpractice, slip and fall, commercial law, unemployment compensation and civil litigation. We are excited to welcome Corey as the firm’s newest partner, and we look forward to his continued commitment to providing our clients with quality legal representation.

    The Internal Revenue Service Can Help to Prevent Terrorism

    By Leonard Getz and Clifford A. Rieders

    While universities may plead powerless to stopping the spread of educational corruption and terrorist ideology in their Saudi and Iranian funded Middle East studies programs, the Internal Revenue Service cannot. Universities must adhere to a series of IRS codes and criteria for determining whether an educational institution is educational or a vehicle for propaganda. If the IRS applied these codes and procedures as they should, many universities would have their tax exempt status revoked.

    We hear a lot about “due process” these days. President Trump tweeted the question as to whether accused male sexual offenders are entitled to “due process.” So what exactly are Trump and others who trumpet the phrase talking about?

    The Legal Intelligencer, the leading legal publication in Pennsylvania, on March 1, 2018, published an article entitled “Pa. Superior Court Adds to Debate Over Jury Instructions in Wake of ‘Tincher’.” Cliff Rieders has been instrumental in this debate.


    Attorney Speaks at Conference

    Cliff Rieders was featured in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette for his participation in a discussion about predispute arbitration clauses at the Philadelphia Bar Asosociation. In the discussion, Rieders discusses implications of these clauses on consumer protection and how they impede Americans’ right to trial by jury provided the Seventh Amendment. Read the article here or listen to the discussion in full here.

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    PAJ Winter Member Meeting January 2018
    Medical Malpractice: Current Issues and A View from the Bench September 2018
    Annual Update of the Law November 2017
    Medical Malpractice Case Law Update November 2017
    Medical Malpractice – Critical Issues in Current Practice November 2016
    The Year in Review PBI June 2016
    Annual Update of the Law March 2016
    Pennsylvania Uniform Arbitration Act 2016
    PBI’s Section 1983 Claims November 2015
    New Face of Strict Liability Law in PA December 2014
    Patient Safety Authority March 2014
    Lycoming Law Association March 2014
    Philadelphia Bar Association December 2013
    8th Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar November 2013
    PADC Annual Meeting June 2013
    Annual Update of the Law May 2013
    PAJ Annual Update of the Law October 2012
    Annual Update June 2012
    Med Mal Seminar April 2012
    Hot Legal Topics Aug 2011

    Audio File Presentations

    Are Colleges, Universities on the Hook When Hazing Crosses the Line?


    Annual Civil Litigation Update of the Law in Pennsylvania March 2022
    Cliff Rieders Delivered a program for Celesq Attorneys Education Center March 2022
    Are Colleges and Universities on the Hook When Hazing Crosses the Line February 2022
    Cliff Rieders & Sean Gingerich Teach at Beasley School of Law November 2021
    Cliff Rieders delivered his annual Medical Malpractice Seminar, Update of the Law, for Celesq, the educational provider for Thomson Reuters-Westlaw August 2021
    Corey J. Mowrey, was re-elected as President of the Charles F. Greevy, Jr. American Inn of Court for 2021-2022 August 2021
    Attorney Cliff Rieders delivered a program for Celesq Attorneys Education Center entitled, “Poaching is Not Just About Eggs.” August 2021
    Cliff Rieders was reelected to Super Lawyers Pennsylvania and Delaware for 2021 July 2021
    Clifford Rieders has been recognized for 20 years of Board Certification in Civil Trial Law January 2021
    Cliff Rieders presented for Celesq Attorneys Ed Center and West LegalEd Center December 2020
    The Intersection Between Law & Medicine November 2020
    Cliff Rieders presented a national seminar for West Legal Education/Celesq entitled, “Practitioners Take Note: Don’t Get Bitten by the Federal Tort Claims Act.” October 2020
    Cliff Rieders has been named as a Super Lawyer in the Pennsylvania and Delaware editions 2020 continually since the inception of the recognition June 2020
    Clifford A. Rieders presented to the medical students at Rambam Medical College-Technion Medical School-Israel March 2020
    Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program February 2020
    Attorney Cliff Rieders has been granted 2020 AV Preeminent Rating January 2020
    Cliff Rieders Teaches at the Premiere Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar October 2019
    Zionist Organization of America September 2019
    Cliff Rieders Named an Adviser to the American Law Institute September 2019
    National Trial Lawyers September 2019
    Clifford A. Rieders Appointed to Pennsylvania Civil Procedural Rules Committee May 2019
    Cliff Rieders Was a Featured Speaker at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute Seminar on Legal Updates March 2019
    Cliff Rieders Named Super Lawyer 16th Year in a Row February 2019
    North Central Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and North Central Pennsylvanians for a Brighter Future January 2019
    Attorney Cliff Rieders Moderates Pennsylvania Association for Justice Arbitration Forum January 2019
    The Best Lawyers in America September 2018
    Current Issues and a View from the Bench August 2018
    Law Day Speaker: Think Outside the Branches of Government May 2018
    Press Release March 2018
    Cliff Rieders Presents at the 2017 Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar in Philadelphia November 2017
    Cliff Rieders Presents to Lycoming Law Association November 2017
    Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority September 2017
    Williamsport Attorney Granted Another Trial Advocacy Board Certification July 2017
    Local Attorney Speaks About Arbitration and Consumer Rights May 2017
    Press Release – Super Lawyers Jan 2017
    Press Release – Med Mal Seminar Nov 2016
    Press Release – Cliff Rieders Profiled ZOA Report Fall 2016
    Press Release Oct 2016
    Press Release Super Lawyers May 2016
    Press Release – Med Mal Seminar Nov 2013
    National Ranking for Hospitals for Pennsylvania Dec 2012
    Press Release July 2013
    Attorney, Manager Present Web Seminar (The Express, Lock Haven, PA)
    Connecting Moses and the Fourth of July July 2011
    2 Attorneys Named Super Lawyers July 2011
    Settlement of Death Actions June 2011
    Healthy Healthcare Feb 2010
    When Athens Fell? Jan 2010
    How Healthy is Healthcare? Jan 2010
    The Health Care Dilema; Or Is It? July 2009
    Elect or Appoint; Who should run municipal Government? July 2009
    Declining Medical Malpractice Claims, Increasing Medical Errors June 2009
    Judge Muir: A Living Legend
    Birth Trauma Case Provides Care for Infant and Family
    Travis and Rieders Named Super Lawyers 2004
    Rieders Attends American Law Institute meeting

    People and Places: Updates on the Frye/Daubert test
    by Cliff Rieders

    Trial Lawyers Support Doctors on Whistleblower Protection
    by John M. Humphrey, President

    March 28, 2003: Sexual Harassment Claim Upheld By Judge

    Court Sacks Lawmakers’ End Runs
    by Cliff Rieders

    Failure to do proper diagnostic testing to reveal the aneurysm
    Settlement of Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm Settlement
    Doe v. Surgeon Without Vascular Subspecialty

    Laser surgery contraindicated by keratoconus
    Construction Foreman Doe v. Ophthalmologist Eye Surgeon
    North Central Pennsylvania
    Court of Common Pleas Lycoming County
    Settlement September 2003

    Failure To Biopsy For Endometrial Cancer
    Settlement of Estate of Doe v. OB/GYN
    Central Pennsylvania

    March 28, 2003: Law Firm Awards Scholarships
    September 24, 1999: Jury Awards Largest Medical Malpractice Verdict in the Middle District of Pennsylvania
    June 22, 2005: Law Firm Awards Scholarships

    Pennsylvania’s Patient Safety Authority: An Overview
    by Cliff Rieders

    Jane Doe vs. Plastic Surgeon
    by Cliff Rieders

    Mcare Commission Testimony

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    OP-ED ARTICLES by Clifford Rieders (PDF files)

    August 2021
    Critical Race Theory and Confusion
    An Old Debate Warmed Over

    July 2021
    Snapchat from Israel
    Reparations and Rationale
    A Tale of Two Employers

    June 2021
    Negligence in the Sale and Use of Weapons
    Dinnertime Conversation
    The Truth About Gaza
    The Passing of a Great and Dedicated Judge
    Reasonable Medical Opinions

    May 2021
    The War Against Israel
    Poaching Is Not Just About Eggs
    A Tale of Two Americas

    April 2021
    Flying Under the Radar

    March 2021
    COVID-19 and Collateral Profits
    Dr. Seuss is Gornisht
    Why Do Interest Rates Matter?
    The Fake Science of Anthropology

    February 2021
    Mourning a Pure Soul
    Presence at Medical Examination
    The Blues
    Reparations: Sense or Sensibility?
    The Chusid, the Amishmen, and the Judge
    Justice Wecht Defines an Important Standard Concerning Unfair Trade Practices

    January 2021
    Dinnertime Musings
    A Call to Arms
    Disqualification From Office
    Marvin Staiman
    Is Regulating the Internet Good or Bad In the Long Run?
    Pennsylvania Constitutional Mischief

    December 2020
    COVID-19 and Collateral Profits
    Counting Votes and the Rule of Law
    One People

    November 2020
    What a Tie Election Looks Like
    The End of the Party?
    Sauce for Goose and Gander
    Facts or Philosophy: Which Should Drive Court Decisions?

    October 2020
    Jean Staiman: A Lost Art
    Elections Turn on a Dime
    Joy in Tough Times
    Vitamin Supplements and You
    Desperate Times and Desperate Measures
    PDMP and Social Media Discovery
    Do We Still Live in a Democracy?

    September 2020
    “Nothing New Under The Sun”
    Shame and Pride
    Shooting Man’s Best Friend
    The Bar Room Door Swings Both Ways
    Justice and Judaism

    August 2020
    No End To The Mischief
    Lawsuits And Other Scary Bedtime Stories
    Paving The Way To Hell

    July 2020
    Wolf v. Scarnati
    Civil Liberties: The Delicate Balance
    Bitten By The Federal Tort Claims Act
    Do Foreigners Have Free Speech Rights, Especially When Advocating for Prostitution
    Separation of Powers, or is it Delegation of Powers, is Alive and Well
    Presidential Privacy
    Exploring the Reaches of the First Amendment
    Robocalls Get The Boot
    The 9th of Av, in Modern Terms

    June 2020
    Protesting the Statues

    May 2020
    Sign Of The Times
    Joseph L. Rider
    Flying Under The Radar
    The Limits of the Police Power in Pennsylvania
    The Masked Courtroom

    April 2020
    The Courts and COVID-19
    Passover, Freedom and the Coronavirus
    The View From Afar
    The Trip Home
    The World Without The Usual Stuff

    March 2020
    Thank You Left-Wing Americans
    The Politics of Politics
    Uber Drivers: Who Has the Right to Control?
    Life In The Brave New World
    Distorted view of the First Amendment
    Hero or Coward?

    February 2020
    The Verdict Is In
    Products Liability: The Swinging Pendulum
    Talmudic Discourse in the Federal Courts

    January 2020
    The Jewish Community as a Political Football
    The Promised Land for Cats
    When the Loyal Opposition is not so Loyal
    A Concerned Press
    Arbitration by Hyperlink: Or Not?
    Out With The Old, In With The New
    Social Media: Salvation or Satan?
    Words of Hate
    Are The Times Really Changin’?

    November 2019
    Root Cause Analysis: Why the American Jewish World Seems Disinterested in the Future of Israel

    October 2019
    Celebrating Richard Wagner, the Anti-Semite
    Impeachment as Normal Politics
    Legislative Prayer
    Clifford Rieders Teaches at the Premiere Annual Med Mal Seminar
    The Odd and the Quirky
    What’s New

    September 2019
    The Associated Press Falls Off the Rails
    Israeli Elections for Americans
    “I Am Not a Crook”
    Presentation at Gala Acceptance of Lee Bender Defender of Israel Award
    Survival of Anti-Semitism in the Modern World

    August 2019
    Mar-A-Lagowood Comes to Montoursville
    Leaving the Nest
    A National Day of Mourning
    Is it Time to Amend the Constitution of the United States?
    Clash of Interests Concerning Religion Versus Gay Rights
    Look Who Thinks He Is King of the Jews

    July 2019
    Amazon Gets Bitten
    Control Over Communication
    Cross or Crossroads?
    Will the Moon Excitement Dissipate?

    June 2019
    Edwin Kosik – More than the “Kids for Cash” Judge
    Unanswered Questions in Mitchell vs. Shikora
    The Rockefellers’ Boys Anti-Semitism

    May 2019
    Left Meets Right – An Unholy Alliance
    Keep Democracy Alive!
    The Quirky Pennsylvania Constitution
    Feeding Frenzy Over Impeachment
    Religion Versus Gay Rights: What Do the Courts Have to Say?
    Despicable Times

    April 2019
    The Jewish Dilemma, Or Not?

    March 2019
    How it Feels to be a Political Football
    What the Boeing 737 Max 8 Says About America
    Is George Orwell’s Big Brother Here at Last?

    February 2019
    Public Surveillance in the Age of Big Brother

    January 2019
    Opulent America

    November 2018
    Citizenship by Birth
    Were the Pilgrims Celebrating Sukkot?

    October 2018
    Secrets of Life
    The Triumph of Bigotry
    Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of Pennsylvania Creates Mischief

    September 2018

    Rules of Credibility
    Loving America

    August 2018
    Confusion as National Policy

    July 2018
    Is Telling the Truth Good for Patient Safety
    Disorder at the FBI
    When Airport Security is Insecure, Part II

    June 2018
    Is Telling the Truth Good for Patient Safety
    Children as Political Tools
    Stormy Times, Stormy Men
    Losing Focus
    Whose Rights Are Violated?
    Dancing With the Devil
    Free Exercise or Due Process?

    May 2018
    Does the Supreme Court of the United States Protect Terrorists?
    War As Propaganda
    Cry of the Heart
    Separation of Powers

    April 2018
    The Internal Revenue Service Can Help to Prevent Terrorism
    From Memorials to Independence
    Hybrid Thinking and Medical Devices

    March 2018
    Passover and Freedom
    Why Does He Stay in Gaza?

    February 2018
    What Exactly Is “Due Process?”
    A Remarkable Life
    Gerrymandering Elections: Who Has the Right to Decide
    Is it Time to Amend the Constitution

    January 2018
    United Nations Relief and Works Agency: Savior or Demon?
    Gal Gadot: Super Woman or Super Jew?
    United Nations Relief and Works Agency: Savior or Demon?
    Where There Is Smoke, Is There Always Fire?

    December 2017
    Nursing Homes Need to Play by the Same Rules
    Is There a Right to Disrupt School Board Meetings?
    Nursing Homes Need to Play by the Same Rules
    The Op-Ed The New York Times Will Not Publish
    “Lefty” Travis A Lawyer’s Life
    The Power of the FBI
    Jerusalem: The Eternal City

    November 2017
    Putting Terror Out Of Business

    October 2017
    The Hazards of School Sporting Events

    September 2017

    Sounding The Shofar
    When the Government Competes With the Private Sector
    When Airport Security is Insecure
    Who’s Pulling the Strings

    August 2017

    Pro-Israel and Anti-Semitic at the Same Time
    Shomron and Beyond
    People, Politics and Polarization

    July 2017

    More Healthcare Recovery Hurdles
    Home Rule or Politics as Usual
    Money In Healthcare
    Patient Power

    June 2017
    The Paris Deal
    Clash of Titanic Egos

    April 2017

    Patient Safety in Pennsylvania
    Majority Rules

    March 2017

    Déjà Vu All Over Again
    Punitive Damage Discovery Twenty Years After the Adoption of Rule 4003.7

    February 2017

    Land of Miracles
    Original Interpretation
    A Shot in the Foot

    January 2017

    Democracy in Action
    Memories of Clinton Smith
    The Independent Credo
    The Unspoken Tragedy of History

    December 2016

    Can the President Be A Bigot
    Fretting Over the Chinese

    November 2016

    The Downfall of Privacy
    The Times They Are a-Changin’

    October 2016

    Shabbat: Antique or Advanced?

    September 2016

    A Dog’s Life
    Technology and the Rule of Law
    The Passing of Tom Raup

    August 2016

    Have Contempt for No One?
    Hypocrisy at the Olympic Games
    Is There a Reason to Vote for Trump?
    The Fall of Great Empires

    July 2016

    A Story About Bill Rooney

    June 2016

    Gun Control versus ISIS Control?

    May 2016

    Can a Family Practice Physician Punt to a Specialist?
    Who is The Lesser Evil?

    April 2016

    Sanders and Trump Twin Brothers

    March 2016

    The Enemy is Us
    Love is a Partnership

    February 2016

    Hollywood in History
    The Passage of Justice Antonin Scalia

    January 2016

    The Middle Eastern Pot Boils
    Save Me From Myself

    December 2015

    What is Democracy?
    Police Chases and the Constitution

    November 2015

    Nation of Refuge
    Allen Ertel: The Passing of a Great Character

    October 2015

    Teaching Hatred
    Mighty Oaks from Small Acorns

    September 2015

    Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 and Legal Ramifications
    Iran and “The Bomb”

    August 2015

    The First Outdoor Mediation in Pennsylvania?
    Donald Trump and the Abortion Bill
    Donald Trump and the Borscht Belt
    Political Correction or Good Manners?
    July 2015

    The Iran Quandary

    June 2015

    Obergefell v. Hodges; The Constitution in Support of Social Engineering
    Boycotting Israel & Jewish Interests Is And Should Be Illegal

    March 2015

    Is The Seventh Amendment To The United States Constitution Guaranteeing The Right To Trial By Jury In Civil Cases Passe?
    The Aftermath
    Dispatch from Israel – The Electoral Process
    Patient Safety; Pennsylvania as the Tail or the Head
    Why I Changed Parties

    February 2015

    A Pastor’s Life
    Majority Leader John Boehner Laughs all the way to the Polls
    President Barack Obama’s Letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Letter to President Barack Obama

    January 2015

    Traveling with Tradition
    Apologies for Terrorists
    A Tale of Two Rabbis

    December 2014

    Can’t Wait for my Cuban Cigars
    Debate on American Healthcare

    November 2014

    Thus Sprach the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
    The Rise and Future of Rick Mirabito
    The Totality of History
    Arab Death Squads
    As The World Turns

    October 2014

    A Woman of Accomplishment
    Malcolm Muir; The Movie
    The Passing of a Consummate Newspaperman
    The Limits to Art

    September 2014

    Good Terrorists v. Bad Terrorists

    July 2014

    Humanitarian Aid to Terrorists
    Under Fire Again

    June 2014

    Bush and Obama – Partners in Failure
    Greecing the Wheels for Prayer
    The Death of a Neighbor

    May 2014

    Some Needed Financial Relief for Students

    April 2014

    A Glimmer of Hope for Employee Rights
    The Right to Buy Politicians

    March 2014

    Let’s Make a Deal
    The American Law Institute Restatement Third Grinds Out Yet More Proposal

    January 2013

    Taking My Name In Vain
    Families and Nations

    December 2012

    Guns to Protect, or Guns to Kill?
    Guns, Missiles and Culture
    Local Love What You Love About Small-Town PA
    The Usurping Democracy

    November 2012

    Angst of a Parent
    Blowing in the Wind
    Okay, Okay, So I Was Wrong
    The End or Beginning of the World

    October 2012

    Pennsylvania Supreme Court Takes a Crack at the Progeny of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes
    Teiku and Political Discourse

    August 2012

    I Did It For My Country!
    Man on the Moon
    Rubik’s Cube in the United States Supreme Court
    The Politics of Hurricane Season

    July 2012

    Politics as Usual?
    Shall the Good Perish With the Bad?

    June 2012

    The Great Disconnect

    May 2012

    Medical Malpractice Cases Continue to Disappear
    Dueling Constitutions

    April 2012

    Congress Rewrites the American Constitution

    March 2012

    Cut Spending or Raise Taxes?
    Guns and the Holocaust

    February 2012

    Have We Suffered Enough?
    Venue Wars
    My Government My Boss
    Taking a Look at Cruise Ship Regulations
    The New Nationalism
    Race to the Bottom
    Death of the American Constitution
    Confessions of a Fence Sitter

    January 2012

    Stranger in a Strange Land

    November 2011

    Who Is Steve Moff?
    Why I Love the Occupy Wall Street Crowd
    Money and Sex
    Right of Passage

    September 2011

    Drill (Carefully) Baby, Carefully Drill
    Is Prophecy a Lost Art?
    The Calm Before the Storm

    Constitution Day is About the Rule of Law

    May 2011

    Does This Make Sense?

    April 2011

    The Right to Aggravate

    April 2011

    It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

    February 2011

    The Birth of Democracy in the Middle East

    January 2011

    Imitation As Flattery

    MARCH 2008

    Alexander Hamilton Wins
    Confronting a Clergyman

    FEBRUARY 2008

    The Clinton Reprise, Part II

    DECEMBER 2007

    Wrong Site Surgery
    Chinese Labor In The American Future?
    Treason; A Presidential Prerogative?

    NOVEMBER 2007

    Lawyers Revolting or Revolting Lawyers?

    SEPTEMBER 2007

    Scaling the Walls of Justice

    AUGUST 2007

    Big Brother or State’s Rights

    JUNE 2007

    Supreme Court Conservatives & Big Government
    Democracy Worshiper & Pat Buchanan

    MAY 2007

    American Idol for President

    APRIL 2007

    Health Grades
    Hip Hop As A Mirror of Our Times
    Major New Research

    MAY 2006

    Third Annual Patient Safety in American Hospitals Study
    Patient Safety Authority Annual Report 2005
    Claims, Errors and Compensation Payments in Medical Malpractice Litigation
    Uncle Ernie’s Answer

    APRIL 2006

    Oil Imports

    DECEMBER 2005

    Our Rights Slipping Away

    NOVEMBER 2005


    OCTOBER 2005

    Intelligent Design and Intelligent Judging

    SEPTEMBER 2005

    The Bible as Law
    Protecting Those Most In Need

    AUGUST 2005

    School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins Concludes Cost of
    Defending Malpractice Claims 0.46 Percent of Total Healthcare Spending

    The Cost of Bad Medicine

    JULY 2005

    Supreme Court – Supreme Decisions
    PA Economy League and Medical Malpractice
    The Old Man At The End Of The Dock
    Letter To The Editor: Mona Charen and Trial Lawyers
    Letter To The Editor: In response to Christopher T. Miller
    John Roberts and Big Government
    Medical Malpractice Insurance, An Update

    JUNE 2005

    Solomon and The Supreme Court
    Now, the Other Side of the Hospital Move Story
    Rejection of Slots – The Right to Raise Taxes
    Medical Malpractice Law in the United States
    Deep Throat and Me

    MAY 2005

    Was World War II Worth It?
    Crime in the Big City
    HealthGrades Quality Study

    APRIL 2005

    The Rest of the World Rates Us, But Who Cares?
    Reflections on the Holy Father
    The Rich Get Richer; Much, Much Richer
    Nursing Home Litigation: The Rights of Seniors Slipping Away in their Golden Years
    Discipline of Bad Doctors and Medical Malpractice Insurance Premiums
    New Harvard Statistics
    Price Gouging and Inflation

    MARCH 2005

    Critical Care Nurses Say: Silence Kills
    If Only The Public Knew
    Flower Children Rule The World
    The Case I Lost

    FEB 2005

    The Patriot Act: Sunset on the Law or Sunset on American Civil Liberties?
    From Whom Do Our Kids Learn?
    Health Costs Study Shows Wasted Costs
    Equality for Women Taken for Granted?
    Are we Iraq?

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    RADIO SHOWS in Real Audio Format (click here to get free player)

    Cliff Rieders on WKOK’s On The Mark

    Listen to Cliff Rieders on WKOK’s On The Mark, where he discusses the many legal aspects of sex discrimination, equal pay, harassment and abuse in the workplace. Cliff talks about his experience handling both sides of these cases and his role in major legal actions that have shaped our current laws on sex discrimination issues. He also offers his thoughts on what victims should consider when coming forward about their abuse.

    Cliff Rieders Talks Predispute Arbitration Clauses and Implications for Consumers

    Hear Clifford Rieders discuss Predispute Arbitration Clauses at the Philadelphia Bar Association in May of 2017. Cliff Rieders has been a key figure in the drafting of legislation that would protect consumers from unfair arbitration agreements.

    These clauses have become widespread in a variety of consumer contracts, including those relating to healthcare facilities, credit cards, cell phones and real estate, to name just a few. In the discussion, Cliff Rieders talks about:

    • The role arbitration clauses have traditionally played in our courts
    • The constitutionality of arbitration agreements
    • The consequences of waiving your 7th Amendment right to a trial by jury
    • The role of class action lawsuits in consumer protection.


    Passarello v. Grumbine

    Dr. Sidney Wolfe

    Gene Yaw

    Keith Stroup

    Merit Selection

    Dr. Jerome Kassirer

    Jack Humphrey
    Pro Bono activities

    Judge Kenneth Brown
    On his career

    Tom Marino
    His job as US Attorney

    1/17/05 Judge Malcolm Muir

    His job as US District Court Judge

    2/07/05 Bill Carlucci

    Pennsylvania Bar Association

    2/28/05 Phyllis Mundy
    Reflections of a Consumer Legislator

    6/06/05 Judge Richard Klein

    His job as Superior Court Judge

    7/05/05 Dennis Lipkin
    Current affairs & terrorist threat

    7/21/05 Rep. Mike Hanna
    On being a Democrat in a Republican

    part of Pennsylvania

    8/02/05 Judge Nancy Butts
    Isolation of the life of a judge

    8/29/05 Beth Lazzara
    Her life on becoming a judge

    10/09/05 Judge Mark Bernstein
    View from the Common Pleas bench

    10/17/05 Marc Galanter
    His Book “Lowering the Bar, Lawyer Jokes & Legal Culture”

    10/24/05 Frank Clemente
    Insurance Premiums & Malpractice

    11/14/05 Keith Ashdown
    Subsidizing Corporate America

    11/21/05 Ross Eisenbery
    Economic Policy Institute

    11/28/05 Stuart Greenleaf
    PA State Senate Judiciary Chair

    12/26/05 Kristin Techgiuden
    ATLA ‘People over Profits’

    1/02/06 Deborah Leavy
    People for the American Way

    1/09/06 Lynn Marks
    Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts

    1/16/06 Rep. Steve Cappelli
    Length of terms & pay raises

    3/13/06 Marty Berger
    PA Alliance for Retired Americans

    3/27/06 Senator Sean Logan
    On his career as State Senator4/03/06 Babette Josephs
    On her career4/10/06 Rick Mirabito
    On running for 83rd District Rep5/15/06 Garth Everett
    On running for 84th District Rep5/22/06 Steve Fine
    Vatican Matters5/29/06 John McCormick
    Articles on the Health Care System6/19/06 Dr. Anna McKee
    Chairman, Patient Safety Authority7/10/06 Justice Max Baer
    The role of Appellate Court8/07/06 Chris Mather
    The Myth of the Litigation Crisis9/18/06 Kaila Rieders
    Her trip to Israel10/02/06 Martin J. Hatlie
    Consumers Advancing Patient Safety10/16/06 Dr. Henry Greenspan
    Drug withdrawal and what consumers should look for10/23/06 Professor George J. Annas
    Boston University School of Public Health10/30/06 Alan Kachalia, MD, JD
    Study of closed malpractice claims11/06/06 Ralph Nurnberger
    Senior Partner Government Relations11/20/06 Ed Mirzwinski
    Penn PIRG11/20/06 Linda Sherry
    Consumer Action12/04/06 Nathanael Greene
    Senior Policy Analyst-NRDCOn Global Warming12/18/06 Congressman Chris CarneyOn his victory in the election1/08/07 Philipe Ernesto
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    Author “First: A Citizen-Soldier in Afghanistan”

    Attorney Cliff Rieders

    Attorney Cliff RiedersCliff Rieders is a Nationally Board Certified Trial Lawyer practicing personal injury law. A large part of his practice involves multi-district litigation, including cases related to pharmaceuticals, vitamin supplements and medical devices. He is admitted in several state and federal courts, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States. Rieders is the past regional president of the Federal Bar Association and is a life member of the distinguished American Law Institute, which promulgates proposed rules adopted by many state courts. He is a past president of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice, formerly Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association. As a founder of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, he served on the Board for 15 years.

    Not only has Rieders held many highly esteemed, leadership positions, he authored legislation related to the Patient Safety Authority and the Mcare Act, which governs medical and hospital liability actions in Pennsylvania. He authored texts upon which both practitioners and judges rely, including Pennsylvania Malpractice Laws and Forms, and Financial Responsibility Law Issues in Pennsylvania, the latter governing auto and truck collisions in Pennsylvania. In addition, he wrote several books on the practice of law in Pennsylvania regarding wrongful death and survivor actions, insurance bad faith, legal malpractice claims and worker rights, among others. Rieders also serves as a resource to practitioners as a regular speaker for Celesq, an arm of the world’s largest legal publisher, Thomson Reuters West Publishing.

    As recognition of his wide range of contribution to his profession and of his dedication to protecting the rights of his clients, he received numerous awards, among them the George F. Douglas Amicus Curiae Award, the Milton D. Rosenberg Award, the B’nai B’rith Justice Award, and awards of recognition from the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers. [ Attorney Bio ]

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