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If you are over the age of 21 in Pennsylvania, the use of a motorcycle helmet is strictly optional. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently released shocking data that is being used to hopefully spark a change in legislation. Click to read more. Pennsylvania urged to reenact universal motorcycle helmet law

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent decision could mean important changes for many states across the nation. Click to read more. Important Change in the Law for Physicians #2

A Pennsylvania high school staged a ‘mock crash’ before their prom. Participants drenched themselves in fake blood and emergency vehicles arrived on the scene to illustrate the dangerous, deadly effects of texting while driving. Click to learn more. Pennsylvania high school takes action against distracted driving

An accurate, timely diagnosis is the first step in developing an effective course of treatment. Medical professionals who delay a diagnosis or make an incorrect diagnosis can cause worsening conditions or fatalities. Click to read more. Studies show misdiagnoses a common problem in medical community

With a surplus of cash on hand, the Pennsylvania Medical Board waived fees for medical professionals in 2013 and 2014. Was this the right decision? Click to read more. Pennsylvania Medical Board waives fees for doctors

The Good Samaritan Civil Immunity law says that any person – including an emergency response provider – who renders emergency care or treatment will not be liable for civil damages as a result of the care required. As long as the individual can show that he or she acted in good faith, the individual will not be held liable. Is this a good idea? Click to read more. Good Samaritan Immunities

Numerous regulations are in place to ensure that medical professionals receive the appropriate level of rest between shifts. Studies have shown, however, that it might not be enough. Click to read more. Despite regulations, many surgeons still struggle with fatigue

An effective program is in place to ensure the safety of Pennsylvania highways. Click to learn how government agencies are working to protect you on the road. Roadside Inspections Ensure Trucks Are Safe for Pennsylvania Roads

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