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Bicycle Accidents Articles

Motorists Have To Share The Road

In a crash, a cyclist is much more vulnerable to suffering severe injuries than someone driving a car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, 630 bicyclists were killed and another 51,000 were injured in traffic collisions in the United States. In Pennsylvania alone, 19 people died as a result of bicycle crashes in 2014. Although cycling is more popular among adults, especially in major cities like Philadelphia, 25% of all injuries involving bicycles and cars in Pennsylvania were suffered by children between the ages of five and 14. (visit this website) And serious injuries can happen close to home — recently a Williamsport High School student, Elijah Allen, died after the bicycle he was riding was struck by a car on Pa. 416 in Montgomery Township.

Pennsylvania has a bike safety law, and both motorists and bicyclists should abide by it. Bicyclists should always wear a helmet; stay to the right of the highway; ride with traffic, not against it; ride defensively; and use hand signals to indicate turning or stopping. However, even so, an automobile is bigger, heavier, and much more dangerous than a bicycle, and drivers are negligent who do not look out for pedestrians and bicycle riders.

There are laws for motorists sharing the road. These include:

  • Yield to both pedestrians and bicyclists at all times.
  • When turning right at an intersection, painted bicycle lanes require yielding to any bicyclists in the vicinity of your vehicle or approaching from behind.
  • It is illegal to park or stop your vehicle in a manner that obstructs or blocks a bike lane.
  • Check your side-view mirrors before opening your car door.
  • Leave a 4-foot “cushion of safety” when passing a bicyclist.

Motorists are urged to pay extra attention when approaching busy intersections since eighty percent of all vehicle crashes involving bicycles occur at intersections when cars are turning. Drivers who are not vigilant can cause serious bicycle accidents.

Some drivers are simply nasty and disrespectful of pedestrians and people on bicycles. They feel that cars own the road, and drivers of cars can be aggressive and dangerous.

If you have lost a loved one or have been seriously injured in a collision, you may be entitled to be compensated for lost wages, medical bills, physical, emotional and financial damages and loss of life’s pleasures you have suffered. If you were struck in Pennsylvania while riding a bike, or if you had to veer off the road to avoid a car and you were injured, or even if you are a driver who was were forced into an accident because a cyclist was not following the laws, the experienced and compassionate Pennsylvania personal injury attorney, Clifford A. Rieders, of Rieders, Travis, Dohrmann, Mowrey, Humphrey & Waters has a long history of results and can help make sure you get the settlement you deserve.

Drivers And Cyclists Must Be Responsible

Liability matters, and fault is the basis for liability. In any legal case, it needs to be determined who is responsible for a collision. Sometimes, cyclists who do not follow road rules or do not keep a proper lookout might be found at fault in an accident and therefore may not be able to recover for injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of life’s pleasures and other damages.

Both motorists and cyclists need to be aware of where the chances for accidents are greatest. Intersections pose the greatest risk for accidents, but there are other factors. Cars often underestimate the speed of a bike; cars often do not expect bikes to be on the road so drivers are not watching for bikes; and even if cars are on the lookout for bikes, they sometimes just do not see them because bikes are smaller and can blend into the background.

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