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Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Law & Forms

This critically important work has been expanded to thoroughly address new and evolving concepts in both the evidentiary and procedural fields. A unique feature of the book is the coverage of common pleas cases. While they may not be authoritative on every point, and even may be inconsistent with appellate decisions, the listing of common […]

Worker’s Rights in Pennsylvania

This book gives a comprehensive review of the worker’s rights landscape in Pennsylvania under state and federal law, exploring a variety of topics in depth. Chapters include a detailed discussion of relevant statutes and caselaw pertaining to collective bargaining agreements, constitutional protections, state and federal laws concerning discrimination in the workplaces, statutes pertaining to public […]

Attorney’s Fees; Statutes and Laws in Pennsylvania

This book provides an in-depth discussion of general concepts and procedures related to attorney’s fees in Pennsylvania and serves as a comprehensive guide to fee shifting rules and statues. Cliff Rieders’ book discusses general concepts concerning attorney’s fees, and provides a detailed review of attorney’s fees as set forth under Pennsylvania statutes and the Pennsylvania […]

Financial Responsibility Law Issues in Pennsylvania

This book gives an in-depth review of financial responsibility law issues in Pennsylvania. Cliff Rieders’ book discusses full tort election and limited tort options. The book also gives a substantial review of first party benefits and underinsured/uninsured motorist’s coverage and subrogation/reimbursement. The book discusses both Pennsylvania law and applicable federal laws, such as ERISA.

Outline of Law & Rules Pertaining to Settlement of Death Actions

This pamphlet-style book, by well-known author Cliff Rieders, outlines the basic law in connection to wrongful death and survival actions, including the frequently asked settlement questions that are raised. The pamphlet will take the reader step-by-step through the damages in a wrongful death and survival action, recent case law on the subject, and issues/questions/concerns that […]

Legal Malpractice Claims in Pennsylvania

This book provides an in-depth discussion of legal malpractice claims in Pennsylvania, including a discussion of negligence, causation, evidentiary matters and the attorney-client relationship. The book contains an updated review of applicable case law on the subject.

eBook: Bad Faith in Pennsylvania

This book discusses the law of insurance bad faith in Pennsylvania. Cliff Rieders’ book discusses the Pennsylvania statutes creating a cause of action for insurance bad faith, and various scenarios where such insurance bad faith claims can arise, including on underinsurance motorist claims, as well as the types of damages that are available for bad […]