Pennsylvania hit-and-run motorcycle accident kills 60-year-old

June 5th, 2012 by Rieders Travis in Car Accidents

Roadways can be a dangerous place, even if the weather is being cooperative and the streets are in good condition. For motorcyclists, being on the road always has an added aspect of danger. Where cars and trucks have their metal cages and safety features, motorcycle drivers have only a windshield and a helmet to protect them in event of a motorcycle accident. This was brought to light on May 20 when one Pennsylvania man suffered severe injuries while riding through Berks County.

The accident occurred on Sunday evening, just after 6:30, when a 60-year-old man from Hamburg was driving his motorcycle down on an east-bound lane. According to the report from state police, the man was approaching a right curve when he was forced to swerve into the southbound shoulder by an approaching westbound car that was driving in the eastbound lane. The man lost control of the motorcycle, flipped and traveled across both lanes of the road before landing on the northbound shoulder.

The man, who was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, was rushed to local medical center. However, his injuries were severe, and he was pronounced dead shortly after. The driver of the car, described as a blue passenger car, did not stop or report the crash.

A motorcycle accident like this can dramatically affect those involved as well as their families and loved ones. Pennsylvania roadways can be a treacherous place, but being a motorcyclist on the road can be even more dangerous. The lives of the victim and his family are shattered by one moment of tragedy, and somewhere out there, a potentially liable individual knows exactly what happened.

Source: Reading Eagle, “Weekend motorcycle crash fatal to Hamburg man,” May 24, 2012



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