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Author: Rieders Travis

Group Policy – Blue Cross v. Platt, 3 Pa. D.&C. 4th 561, aff’d. 576 A.2d 1129 (Pa. Super. 1990)

Blue Cross v. Platt, 3 Pa. D.&C. 4th 561, aff’d. 576 A.2d 1129 (Pa. Super. 1990).  Blue Cross Blue Shield paid medical benefits on a group policy arising out of a motorcycle accident.  The insurance company notified the injured victims of their subrogation interest.  The insurance company sued based upon their claimed subrogation interest.  A […]

Limited Tort Option

Premium Reduction. Insured will receive an additional premium reduction of at least 12% for making this election. Tort Election. If this option is elected by an “insured,” the election applies to and is binding on other individuals who are not named insureds under a separate policy.  Thus, the option election would apply to any individuals […]

Man hurt in cycle crash

A single-vehicle motorcycle crash seriously injured a Trout Run man. According to Old Lycoming Township police Officer Robert Cochran, David G. Oliver, 42, was traveling south on Route 15 in Lewis Township when something went wrong with his motorcycle. Police are investigating what caused the crash. Pieces of the bike were seen falling while Oliver […]

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists’ Coverage

What is UM/UIM Coverage: Uninsured motorists’ coverage applies in a situation where a collision occurred and the responsible party has no insurance coverage or the responsible party could not be identified, as the responsible party has fled the accident scene. Underinsured motorists’ coverage involves a situation where the responsible party has insurance coverage, but the […]