Williamsport Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

Hospital emergency rooms are typically understaffed and crowded, with doctors and nurses often working under difficult conditions. In caring for people presenting with a plethora of conditions, medical staff may be rushed, stressed out or tired due to late or early schedules, or they may simply be inexperienced.

Emergency rooms are money losers for hospitals because of the many patients who are uninsured.

By law, hospitals cannot turn away patients from emergency rooms, but they often compromise on the quality of care that is provided. As an unfortunate result, thousands of people experience serious injuries, preventable complications or loss of life each year because of the treatment or lack of treatment they receive.

Knowledge, Resources and Experience

manimgAt Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Waters & Dohrmann, we have successfully represented many people in cases related to improper or negligent emergency room care. If you or a family member has experienced harm or wrongful death due to an emergency room error, we can help. Our Pennsylvania misdiagnosis attorneys handle cases related to:

  • Delayed diagnosis or incorrect diagnosis
  • Failure to recognize a serious problem and get a patient to a specialist
  • Errors involving radiology, CT scans, X-rays or other imaging
  • Failure to adhere to safety procedures or follow up properly on patients
  • Mistakes with medication

We have the legal and medical knowledge, the resources and the experience needed to get results through settlement or trial.

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